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Applying from Zimbabwe

If you are in Zimbabwe, fill in the form, submit online, and approach any CBZ branch of your choice or CBZ Life Head Office with your National ID.

Applying from outside Zimbabwe

If you are outside Zimbabwe, fill in the form, download the completed form, sign, scan and email to wz.oc.zbc@gnitekramefilzbc

(Please note that funeral cover applies to burial in Zimbabwe only)

1 - Applicant Details 2 - Dependants 3 - Benefits

The family package covers immediate family from a cover of $500 to $5,000 with minimum contribution of $4. The family should consist of a maximum of 5 people that is, 2 parents and 3 children less than 21 years. All children above 21 years will be on extended rates.

Important Information

  1. The cover for ALL other dependants should always be equal to or less than that of the princilial Member.
  2. The maximum age as at date of joining is 75 years age next birthday. Any claims arising from those aged 75 years and above at date of joining will be repudiated (rejected).
  3. Children aged 21 years age next birthday at date of joining pay adult rates, which are similar to extended family rates.
  4. Premiums are paid for 20 years. cover for those who were adults (above 21 years) at date of joining become fully paid up after contributing for 20 years.
  5. Cover for children should be renewed once they attain 21 years whereupon they are charged adult rates for a fresh period of 20 years.
  6. Although CBZ life shall take reasonable steps to collect the premium, it is the duty of the principal Member to ensure that premiums are paid.
Applicant / Principal Member Details